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Serene Dental Center – What Are Same Day Dental Implants?


Dental implants are a wonderful way to get rid of gaps left by missing or decayed teeth. If you’ve been struggling with self-esteem because you feel like you have to hide your smile, implants give you back your confidence.

The only drawback is that the process of getting a complete set of traditional implants can take months. But with same day dental implants, you don’t have to deal with months of recovery and healing before you get your new teeth. You can have the procedure and walk out with a healthy, beautiful smile the same day!

How is this possible, you ask? Can dental implants be done in one day?

If you’re working with the experts at Serene Dental Center, yes, they can!

A newer innovation in the field of dentistry is full dental implants in one day. Dentists who are trained in this special technique and who have the right equipment can offer this to their patients. At Serene Dental, we’re proud to have this designation.

Same day implants can significantly speed up how fast you are able to enjoy the benefits of a full smile. But they’re not for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can have your dentist give you implants in a day, this guide is for you!

How Do Dental Implants in One Day Work?
To understand the concept behind one day dental implants, it helps to review what happens in a traditional implant procedure.

Most people have three parts that have to occur in order to get full implants. First, the remaining damaged or surrounding teeth have to be removed. This extraction process can take a few weeks before it’s healed enough for the next step.

After the extraction site is ready, the implant is then inserted into the jawline. Since most implants are made from a titanium alloy that is usually accepted by most bodies, there is rarely a problem. The implant fuses to your jaw in a process called osseointegration. However, this can take weeks or months to complete, depending on how well your body accepts the new “body part.”

Finally, once the implants are ready, your custom-fit crowns are placed. These adhere to the implant with a cement-like substance that lets the crown act like a natural tooth. When they settle, you can use them as you would your original teeth.

But the one day dental implants condense these three procedures into one visit. The tooth extraction and implant are on the same day, so your body doesn’t have downtime between each step. Immediate dental implants fill in the gap where the missing tooth was, which reduces the chance of infection or complications.

And the best part is that you get to leave the office with a full set of teeth to show off the same day as your procedure!

Pros and Cons of One Day Dental Implants vs. Traditional Implants
The first dental implant, as we know them traditionally today, was performed in 1965. However, the ancient Mayan civilization was using their own version of replacement teeth over a millennium ago.

Just in the past few decades, implants have continually evolved in terms of safety and efficiency. But same day implants have totally revolutionized the way patients can improve their smiles.

Still, there are pros and cons to both types of implants. Knowing them can help you make an informed decision when you visit your dentist.

Both types insert a dental implant post shaped like a screw into your jawbone. Over time, there is a minor risk of bone loss in the area of the implant. But with same day implants, the risk rises very minimally.
With traditional implants, the osseointegration process happens before your permanent teeth can be placed. In one day dental implants, the crowns adhere to the implant the day of the surgery, then osseointegration occurs.
Traditional and one day implants require the patient to have a healthy amount of jaw bone before they can be performed. A bone graft may be a solution for patients who don’t have enough natural bone in the area.
Both types of implants can last 15 to 20 years if they are taken care of well. However, if there is jaw bone deterioration, you may need to go back to your dentist to have the implants adjusted.
A common question that also impacts patient’s decisions is that of the same day teeth cost. Every person’s oral health situation is unique. Until our evaluation, it’s hard to give a close estimate of how much your implants are going to be. But you might be surprised to know that the same day dental implants cost is often comparable to traditional implants.

Dental implants of any kind are considered cosmetic dental work by most insurance companies. If your policy includes this type of coverage, check with your company to see which implants they allow.

Are Same Day Dental Implants Right For You?
It might seem like these dental innovations are the answer to everyone’s implant problem. However, this procedure isn’t for everyone.

Because it combines three separate treatments into one visit, it can be hard on your body to recover from full implants in one day. Some people prefer to deal with the minor discomfort of each procedure separately, while others would rather have it done and over with. Same day implants usually result in more discomfort and swelling than if you did one procedure at a time.

Your health may disqualify you from being able to have the procedure, too. Your oral and physical wellbeing must be strong enough to undergo a complex dental surgery. Your immune system has to be able to recover without complications.

Certain factors, like advanced gum disease, smoking, and autoimmune diseases, may prevent you from being a candidate for same day implants. If you have a chronic condition, such as a heart issue or diabetes, we’ll work with your medical provider to see if the surgery is safe for you.

You won’t know for sure until you call our office to schedule a consultation! Our friendly staff at Serene Dental Center are here to answer your questions and make your appointment. Contact us for all your dental needs, and we’ll get you on track to a healthy, happy smile!

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