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Scared About Going To The Dentist?


This is nothing new to you if you are one of the MANY people who are afraid of the dentist. Truth be told, I meet at least one person a week who tells me the dentist is the last person they want to see. Whether it was a bad childhood experience, or even something that happened as an adult, the experience does NOT have to be so horrifying! I'll be the first to admit that injections are no comparison to being at Disneyland, but they should not prevent you from going in for a check up either. A dental exam consists of x-rays, and an exam. That's it! Unless you want something more, that's all it is. There is no reason to be afraid of it. Even x-rays have gotten easier. For example, in my office, we have digital x-rays where the sensor is much smaller and MUCH more comfortable than the old fashion hard films. Not only are the more comfortable, but they expose you to much less radiation. It's a win-win situation.

Now that your x-rays are done, and you have the dentist ready to examine your teeth, remember this...they are there to HELP you, NOT hurt you! If something bothers you, speak up and let them know. Your dentist is only going to look at your teeth so that they can tell you what condition your teeth and gums are in. Most dentists do oral cancer screenings as a part of their exam as well.

Once your dentist has all the information, he/she will present a "Treatment Plan". It may sound intimidating, but it's not. It could be as simple as you need cleanings twice a year, or you may need the following work done. At the end of the day however, just remember this...it is your mouth! You can do whatever you want. Whether it means that you do all of the recommended treatment, or none of it. It is your choice! Just remember, it is in your best interest to take care of your mouth just as it is to take care of your body. Find the person who makes you feel comfortable, and who you trust!

Even in my dental office, I have massage dental chairs and TV's above the chair to distract patients and keep them entertained while I work, but at the end of the day, they need to trust me as their dentist for it to be a healthy relationship!

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