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Rated by our patients as one of Orange County’s top dentists since 2007.


Recognized as two of Orange County’s Top Dentists by Coast Magazine.

Drs Ali Mansouri & Shery Mansouri, DDS, have an extensive background in all fields of dentistry. Our Irvine dental center is equipped for all levels of treatment, from simple to complex. So whether you are looking for a Family Dentist, a Cosmetic Dentist, or are in need of Dental Implants, Drs Ali & Shery are ready to help.

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Google Review: Excellent
new-google-logo-knockoffBefore coming to Serene Dental Center, I was hesitant to switch from my dentist that I had used for years in Dana Point. After numerous recommendations to give them a try, I finally did. I can honestly say that Dr. Ali and his wife, Shery, are the nicest, patient-oriented dentists that I have ever used. Their staff is always friendly, and I love watching ESPN on their overhead flat screen tv’s while they take care of me! Their pricing is also great, and they are willing to work with you on that area as well. Seriously, what more could you ask for?”


Google Review: Excellent
new-google-logo-knockoffHere’s a dentist that make’s going to the dentist a pleasant experience. The office has soothing aesthetics, they stock the waiting area with water bottles, the staff are very friendly, the chairs have built in massagers and a TV, etc. Most importantly, the dentists are skilled and know how to effectively communicate what they see back to you (and if you are like me then you find it fascinating). As an added perk, the front desk is very flexible and willing to work with you (which can make or break a dentist/doctor visit, as anyone who pays the bill can tell you). I strongly recommend Serene Dental, particularly if you work nearby (they are good at squeezing in lunch visits).”


Yelp Review: 5 Stars
yelpinsetlogoDr. Ali & Dr. Shery are great at what they do and are super friendly. They make sure you are totally at ease before they start working on your teeth – be it from the comfy massage chair, the tv right above you to keep you occupied, or just some everyday conversation. The hubby and I have had both Dr. Ali or Dr. Shery working on our teeth during our various dental checkups. So it’s safe to say that you’re in good hands with whichever dentist is scheduled for your appointment. The rest of the staff does a great job as well and we have nothing but praise for all of them. So if you’re in search of a great dentist, friendly staff, and a super clean office..check out Serene Dental Center. y’know the mantra: good service + good experience = thumb’s up Serene Dental Center”


Yelp Review: 5 Stars
yelpinsetlogoDr. Shery is the sweetest and most professional dentist that I know, and those two characteristics do not rarely are found together. Her office is gorgeous and immaculate and the staff is friendly and responsive.”


Google Review: Excellent
new-google-logo-knockoffVery detailed oriented service. Clean high tech equipment. Great experience from when you walk through door. Won’t go any where else! Thank you docs and staff!”


Google Review: Excellent
new-google-logo-knockoffI’m glad my friends recommended this place. The staff is very professional, the office is pleasant, and I love the personal TV and massage chair so I don’t get nervous. Highly recommend.”


Google Review: Excellent
new-google-logo-knockoffThis is the BEST dental center I have been to in my life. It is super clean, modern, and has the friendliest staff. Ali and Sheri Mansouri know what they are doing. They are fun, friendly and keep you at ease(for those that don’t like going to the dentist). If you need a new dentist, these are the people you want working on your teeth or your children’s teeth. The whole staff is amazing:-)”


DemandForce Review: Excellent
new-demandforce-logoAlthough visiting the dentist is the last place on my list of “exciting places to visit,” I will commend Serene Dental Center for their service and support. This was my first visit to Serene Dental Center and after reading all of the glorious reviews, I decided to give it a shot. The 2 front desk receptionist’s were super sweet and enjoyable. The doctor was incredibly honest, informative, and patient. I walked in and was immediately seen. There was absolutely no wait time. It’s also nice to see genuine doctors actually take the time to ask patients, “are you sure you don’t have any questions?” or “I want to make sure you feel comfortable before proceeding.” In this fast-paced society that we live in, doctors are trying to get you in and out! You definitely will feel/experience the opposite at this dental office. Hands down, they provide quality care and service. My teeth look fabulous by the way. Even if I relocate to another city, I will remain a patient at Serene Dental Center…that’s how good these guys are!”



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