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Everything You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry


If you ask most people what they notice about someone, many of them will say it’s their smile. This is common knowledge, and it makes those of us with flaws in our teeth self-conscious of them, whether the flaws are as big as we make them out to be or not.

You can have the best dental care practices, but if there is a cosmetic issue you’re not happy with, you’re going to try to conceal your smile. But it’s the way light shines out of you to show your happiness, and a smile should never be hidden!

Instead of dimming your light behind a shielded grin, head over to Serene Dental to see how our cosmetic dentistry procedures can give you a smile makeover!

Cosmetic Services at Serene Dental

Cosmetic dental procedures are available for simple fixes and complex correcting measures. If you want your teeth to be a little straighter in a few areas or trauma to the tooth has caused damage, Serene Dental has a form of dental work that can solve your concerns.

In addition to visual corrections, cosmetic dentistry procedures often correct oral health problems at the same time. For instance, when your teeth are straighter, you can brush and floss easier and keep your gums healthy!

Cosmetic dentistry treatments include dental work like:

  • Cosmetic crowns - Damaged teeth can be quickly fixed with cosmetic crowns, also called “caps.” These are a form of dental work in which your dentist creates a custom-made cover for the damaged tooth. Crowns are also solutions for uneven or disfigured teeth.Made from acrylic or porcelain materials that are colored like your natural tooth, the crown material works alongside a piece of metal to adhere to your mouth. Together, these two pieces cover the damaged or uneven tooth so that it looks and works like your other teeth.

  • Veneers - Veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry designed to fix imperfections in your smile that keep you from being fully satisfied. Dental veneers are also called “porcelain veneers” and “dental porcelain laminates.” They are easy enhancements that dentists use to change the appearance of a tooth.
    Veneers can cover up imperfections, making a tooth’s color, shape, size, or length change completely to match the rest of your smile. They can also be used to close gaps between teeth.A veneer is a very thin piece of porcelain or a composite material that acts as a shell, sliding over your tooth. The shell is adhered to the front of your tooth using a dental-safe cement, hiding any of the imperfections you were dissatisfied with so that the new appearance wholly matches the rest of your teeth.

    Not everyone is a candidate for a veneer, though. Make an appointment to see the dentist at Serene Dental for an exam if you are interested in this form of cosmetic dentistry. A specialist will examine you and your x-rays to see if your teeth are healthy enough to handle the veneer bond, or if another treatment would work better as an alternative.

  • Tooth whitening - Over the years, what you eat and drink, and habits you have, as well as heredity, all play a part in how white your teeth become. Staining and discoloration take your natural pearly whites and cause them to become yellow or brown.
    Over-the-counter teeth bleaching products are everywhere, but they don’t always offer the whitening level you want to attain. Not all are safe, either, so if you’re not careful, they could harm your enamel with their bleaching ingredients.The American Dental Association approves professional dental products, and cosmetic dentistry whitening treatments have advantages you don’t get by using OTC products at home.

    If you’re ready to have your dazzling smile back, Serene Dental has tooth whitening procedures that can be done in the office in as little as one treatment! If you prefer to have your whitening done in the comfort of your own home, our professional-grade, safe whitening bleach products can be designed for that, too.

Your smile is your calling card. It’s the first thing people see about you, and it’s the most commonly listed imperfection that people say they are self-conscious about.

You don’t have to live with imperfections that cause you to hide your smile. Instead, call Serene Dental and schedule an appointment to see how we can help you decide which cosmetic teeth procedures are best for you and your oral health needs.

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