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Deep Cleaning Teeth: Is It Necessary?


If you’re one of the few who listen to the guidelines and get your regular dental visits twice a year, you probably think you’re safe from the dreaded deep teeth cleanings. So if your dentist says you need one, it may come as a surprise!

The fact is that regular check-ups and cleanings help, but your teeth require daily at-home care, too. Brushing, flossing, and mouthwash need to be part of your routine.

Many people skip the semi-annual dental cleanings altogether. Fear and anxiety of the dentist kick in, and they think what they’re doing at home is enough. The problem then becomes that by the time there is a dental issue, those minor procedures become more significant.

Whatever the reason behind the suggestion, if your dentist thinks a deep cleaning teeth procedure is your next step, you should know what it consists of. While a regular, routine cleaning gets rid of basic surface bacteria, teeth deep cleaning goes further.

A dental deep cleaning removes all the tartar and other buildup hidden under your gums and in the recesses of your mouth. This is important to reduce or get rid of problems like gum disease.

Talk to your dentist to see why they believe a dental deep cleaning is necessary, and then read on to learn more about deep cleaning vs. regular cleanings and more!

Is a Regular Dental Cleaning Enough?

This might be the first time you’ve been told that regular cleaning and a deep cleaning are two different things, and that’s fine! If you’ve made it this far without needing a deep cleaning of your teeth, that’s an excellent sign.

There are two main types of dental cleanings, a regular, routine one, and a deep cleaning. Each one has a different focal point.

In a regular cleaning, you’ll see the hygienist, who will examine your mouth with a periodontal probe, and use special tools to remove tartar and plaque build-up from the surface of your teeth. You might notice some bleeding in the gums during the process, especially once they begin flossing. This is normal.

During your initial hygiene visit, we will examine your mouth with a periodontal probe to determine the health of your gums in relation to the underlying bone. If there aren’t any underlying issues, you’ll be done and out of there for another six months. But if there is too much bleeding or other problem signs, they might suggest a periodontal deep cleaning.

This is the next step in halting dental issues in their tracks before they become serious and damaging. If your dentist says a deep cleaning is necessary, it’s because there is too much bacteria, tartar, and plaque in hard-to-reach spaces, and all the gunk needs to go.

It’s also perfectly common to ask, “Does a deep cleaning hurt?” When you learn what to expect during the procedure, you’ll be more comfortable going into it.

What Goes on During a Deep Cleaning?

Routine cleaning is a minor procedure. You might feel a little discomfort if your gums are sensitive, but in general, it’s non-invasive. On the other hand, a deep cleaning, as the name implies, is a bit more complex.

This procedure is when the dentist uses scaling and root planing methods to eliminate the buildup of bacteria, tartar, and plaque that couldn’t be removed in routine cleaning.

Scaling instruments are tools designed specifically for deep cleaning teeth. Scaling itself is just a dental term for removing the buildup inside the pockets between your teeth and gums.

Root planing goes beyond the teeth enamel and gets into the surface of the roots. This is frequently where periodontal, and other diseases take hold, so deep cleaning is worth it if you have bacteria settling in at the root.

Deep cleanings are usually broken up into more than one appointment. The hygienist or dentist will let you know step-by-step what to expect before you schedule and will provide a deep cleaning before and after question and answer checklist.

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