Fluoride in Drinking Water

New studies show that fluoride in drinking water cuts tooth decay in Adults! It has been known for a long time that fluoridated drinking water benefits children if consumed from birth, but the evidence in helping adults is new and exciting!

Preventing Cold Sores On Your Special Day

Image your wedding day, father’s day, your child’s or even your own graduation…all the pictures and all the memories… There are ways to prevent a cold sore from happening! Cold sores usually occur when the body is under stress. During these times, follow...
FDA Weighs Mercury Use In Tooth Fillings

FDA Weighs Mercury Use In Tooth Fillings

(CBS) Many people have silver fillings in their teeth called amalgams. Dentists put in more than 50 million of them annually. The Food and Drug Administration looked Tuesday at whether they may be hazardous, CBS News Medical Correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook reports. Read...