Why Root Canal Therapy Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Root canals can be the lifeline your teeth needs to survive

Why Root Canal Therapy Might Be Needed:

– Tooth has a very large cavity or decay that has reached the pulp Chamber(nerve and blood supply)
– Tooth pain to hot and cold that lingers for more than 7-10 seconds
– Pain when chewing/biting down or pushing down on the tooth
– infection in the bone under the tooth caused by slow moving cavity/decay inside the tooth.


When Root Canal Therapy is the Solution:

Inside each one of your teeth is a chamber-like space containing nerves and the blood supply for your tooth. When the chamber becomes infected, the “pulp tissue” inside it must be removed from the center of the tooth, and the canals of each root. Once infected pulp is removed, the chamber is filled with a rubber-based material to seal it off.

Once the root canal procedure is completed, the tooth must be protected with a crown. Teeth that have undergone this procedure are more susceptible to fracture, which is why the crown is added as protection.

Advantages of Root Canal Therapy:

Rather than removing the tooth, it can be saved through Root Canal Therapy. Instead of having a missing tooth or a false tooth installed, you can keep your natural teeth.

Disadvantages of Root Canal Therapy:

Root Canal Therapy is the most effective rescue for an infected tooth. However, the procedure can be difficult. If any of the infection remains following removal, the procedure may need to be reversed and redone to reach the infection underneath.

Other Options:

The only alternative is to remove the infected tooth. When removing the tooth, a dental bridge will be needed to fill the empty space and prevent the shifting of surrounding teeth. However, this solution ultimately costs more than the root canal therapy, and without the root canal therapy, your teeth will never look the same. Other alternative is to remove the tooth and consider a dental implant, a bridge, a removal tooth or to leave the space empty.