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"new-google-logo-knockoffDr. Ali is a wonderful dentist. I am a loyal patient since 2008. Dr. Ali's patience, compassion, and knowledge continue to amaze me. My mom has had a lot of dental work done and he always makes her feel welcome and comfortable. The staff at Serene Dental Care is very friendly and the equipment is state of the art. It is a refreshing experience having Dr. Ali has my dentist. My family is impressed with how dedicated Dr. Ali is, as well as his integrity and professionalism. I would recommend Serene Dental Care to anyone in need of a great and caring dentist!"
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Did you know that 7% of preterm, low birth weight babies are due to periodontal disease? When should I see the dentist? The ideal time to see the dentist is when you are planning on becoming pregnant. This allows for all necessary dental work to be completed before you are pregnant, and avoids the chance of any dental emergency while pregnant.

Do you know how pregnancy relates to your overall and dental health? It’s quite simple to care for yourself and your unborn child so long as you are aware of what needs to be done. Caring for your teeth, and taking specific vitamins/foods can insure healthy teeth for you and the child as well as healthy bones for you as a mother! Speak with your dental care provider regarding the best way to care for yourself specifically.


When is it appropriate to bring a child in for their first dental visit? If this is your first child, we recommend a consultation for the parent once the first tooth is present. The purpose is to educate the parent on proper oral care and hygiene. The next recommended visit is once the child is 2-3 years old. We have a “Happy Visit” in which we “count teeth”. It allows children to have a positive experience at the dentist by watching a cartoon, while we examine their teeth. Sometimes the child can get their first cleaning at this visit. They get to choose a toy once we are done, and there is nothing but smiles. This allows the dentist to examine for cavities in a non-threatening setting for the child. In doing so, children are less likely to be apprehensive toward future dental appointments or treatment.

Children & Teenagers:

The state of California now requires a dental clearance for all kindergardeners attending public schools.

When should your child consider orthodontics? The ideal time to have an orthodontic consultation is between the ages of 9 and 11. Every case is unique however, so a dental consultation is recommended for your child.

Recommended fluoride levels for your child:

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These are the recommended doses according to the American Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. The amount of supplemental fluoride given to pediatric patients should be based on the amount of fluoride in the water at ones home.


Thanks to modern technology and equipment, we are able to save teeth, preventing tooth loss. There is no longer a need for dentures should a patient choose to be proactive in their dental care. We recommend dental cleanings every six months and x-rays once per year, unless otherwise suggested.