Why Tooth Crowns Save Decaying Teeth

Protect and keep badly decayed or fractured teeth.

Visit our Irvine dental office for our expert crown treatment. A crown may be needed to protect and keep badly decayed or fractured teeth. Read on to learn more about what to expect, and call us at 949-748-7373 or schedule online.


Situations that May Need Crowns to Fix

  • Badly decaying teeth
  • Cracked, fractured teeth
  • Protection needed for damaged teeth from further destruction

Applying a Crown to Your Teeth:

A crown or “cap” covers the tooth while restoring the tooth to original shape and size. Decay is first removed from the tooth before a mold is made of the prepared surface. This mold or “impression” creates a model of the tooth and surrounding area, which is then sent to a special laboratory for creation of the crown. When the crown returns from the lab, it is applied to the prepared surface in the mouth.

Advantages of Crowning Your Teeth:

Crowns are made to restore the shape and size of the teeth, back to its natural state.  Crowns are also placed on teeth to prevent the tooth from farther fracturing due to excessive tooth structure loss.  With the right material, crowns can look and feel like a natural tooth.   With proper brushing, flossing and hygiene appointments crowns can last 10 to 15 years on the average.

Catching the tooth decay early also greatly increases the chances of successful crowning.

Disadvantages of Crowning Teeth:

While crowns have few disadvantages, they will eventually need to be re-cemented or replaced due to normal wear.