How many times have you heard a woman say “pregnancy ruined my teeth”? Is this true? Well, yes and no. There is nothing the baby does directly that can or will ruin your teeth. Everything the mother does however, does affect the teeth and gums! I have recently started speaking on the topic in local businesses, women’s clubs, in addition to always having offered this here in my office because I feel that all women should know this vital information. I strongly encourage women to seek a pregnancy consultation with their dentist before pregnancy to discuss oral hygiene, dental cleanings, and eating habits before they become pregnant. All dental treatment should be completed before pregnancy begins to ensure a healthy mother and child as well. Did you know that of all spontaneous preterm and low birth weight deliveries, 7% of them are simply because of bacteria in the mouth! This could easily be avoided with a Cleaning!

Please check my blog and website again to see when I will offer a complimentary informational talk on the topic here in my office. It will be in the very near future