Fluoride in Drinking Water

New studies show that fluoride in drinking water cuts tooth decay in Adults! It has been known for a long time that fluoridated drinking water benefits children if consumed from birth, but the evidence in helping adults is new and exciting!

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Welcome back Jill

Our beloved hygienist Jill is back from maternity leave. To schedule an appointment with Jill, please call the office at 949-748-7373.

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Dental Health Linked to Dementia Risk | Reuters

Aug 21 (Reuters) – People who keep their teeth and gums healthy with regular brushing may have a lower risk of developing dementia later in life, according to a U.S. study. Researchers at the University of California who followed nearly 5,500 elderly people over an 18-year-period found that those who reported brushing their teeth less than once a day were up to 65 percent more likely to develop dementia than those who brushed daily. “Not only does the state of your mind predict what kind of oral health habits you practice, it may be that your oral health habits influence whether or not you get dementia,” said Annlia Paganini-Hill, who led the study, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Inflammation stoked by gum disease-related bacteria is implicated in a host of conditions including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Some studies have also found that people with Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, have more gum disease-related bacteria in their brains than a person without Alzheimer’s, Paganini-Hill said. Read the whole article on HERE

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Preventing Cold Sores On Your Special Day

Image your wedding day, father’s day, your child’s or even your own graduation…all the pictures and all the memories… There are ways to prevent a cold sore from happening! Cold sores usually occur when the body is under stress. During these times, follow these few simple steps and ensure a beautiful smile. One week leading up to your “special day”, being taking L-Lysine. It is sold over the counter. Take two tablets, which is 1000mg, daily. You should already be drinking your daily regimen of 8 cups a day; however, this week, double it to 16 cups. If you are exposed to the sun or live in a hot area, be sure to apply sunscreen to your skin AND lips. If you receive a massage during this week, try to have it more than 48 hours before the event, and even then, make sure you increase your water intake! Eat more Lysine rich foods; for example, yogurt, fish, dark green leafy vegetables. Eat less, or avoid, foods high in arginine, such as chocolate and nuts. If you feel the onset of a cold sore, however, there are a few more steps you can take. Be sure to take 1000 mg of L-Lysine (which is 2 tabs) three times daily for the duration of the outbreak. Apply “Super Lysine Plus +”, which is a topical application every 2 hours for no more than 11 days to the affected area. If you do have an outbreak, there are anti-viral prescription medications that can be taken in order to speed up the healing process and shorten the cylce of the virus. Please contact us at (949)748-7373 or if you have any further questions regarding this topic. * […]

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  • FDA Weighs Mercury Use In Tooth Fillings FDA Weighs Mercury Use In Tooth Fillings

    FDA Weighs Mercury Use In Tooth Fillings

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FDA Weighs Mercury Use In Tooth Fillings

(CBS) Many people have silver fillings in their teeth called amalgams. Dentists put in more than 50 million of them annually. The Food and Drug Administration looked Tuesday at whether they may be hazardous, CBS News Medical Correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook reports. Read the entire article online at CBS News here.

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